"The Orange Window"

Such an unusual color for a window yet here it is before you. There is something about this painting that has attracted you… maybe you just like the color orange, or because the hints of the other few colors are appealing to you. Nevertheless, we are together and I will belong to you as long as you will have me.

You can make up a story about "The Orange Window." To me, it sounds like a good title for a book, movie, or simply a poem or short story. When you look closely, or from afar, you might see trees through the window. I wonder where this window is… in a home or shed… a playhouse? Use your imagination and start writing!

Sometimes we just like something and don't know exactly why when we purchase it – we just know we want it. That is the fun -  listening to your intuition and acting on what it is saying to you. Sometimes people need a logical reason to make an impulsive purchase, but you are being encouraged to disregard logic when it comes to things you feel within that you would like to have. Caution: this isn't a free pass to buy something that will put you in debt or anger a spouse! But if you can afford to treat yourself to something that attracts you, go for it!

Orange is the color of the 2nd chakra, or energy center. It has a powerful energy about it. Maybe you also have a powerful energy about your "self." Bright as the setting sun, and as brilliant as the flowers lucky enough to be orange. Add "The Window" to the mix and you have a powerful energy which holds glass in place. Too much power against glass will shatter it, so be aware of all attributes that a window holds.

Maybe there is a message to find pleasure looking out your window. So much life passes by when we are not looking. Maybe the message is to remember that the eyes are the window to the soul. The Orange Window may be a powerful reminder to utilize your energy wisely and to nourish the soul.

Eyes to view the outside – glass to see from within.

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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