"Raspberry Mint Swirl"

There are so many flavors of desserts including the most popular, ice cream. This painting has the name, "Raspberry Mint Swirl" because the colors are a perfect match for the names of that ice cream… if it even exists. So now there is a flavor – maybe it's not ice cream but it is representative of the combination with raspberry being the primary flavor with mint swirled into it.

This message is about having a good time… enjoying simple pleasures, and utilizing your senses. This painting and its title stimulates your sense of sight, taste, smell, and touch as you cannot sample its delicious flavors without it touching your lips or tongue.

You are to make good use of all of your senses including the ones not mentioned here, hearing, and yes, your 6th sense. We all have a 6th sense but we don't all accept it even exists, or we feel we don't have that gift. I am here to let you know that we are able to increase this 6th sense with spiritual and meditative practices. But first you must desire to learn how to use this gift.

The combination of colors is also pleasing to you and you are attracted to them. Maybe you need to incorporate them in your home furnishings and wardrobe. Maybe this will hang near a piece of furniture that has accents of these two colors.

Taste… oh yes, they are lovely together swirled in a cold delight that also stimulates your sense of pleasure. Why else would we have dessert – ice cream if we didn't get some pleasure in its taste? And the smell of raspberry is also delightful and fresh and mint is cool and also refreshing.

But this painting isn't about ice cream… it is about using all of your senses, so maybe the sight of these colors in pillows on your sofa will be pleasing to you, or maybe you have a chair with an upholstery print using them. Maybe you have a blouse or dress or tie with these colors… somewhere in your life you will come upon raspberry and mint… and you will… enjoy!

written by
Nancy Shewchuk
(with some help from Spirit)

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